Seattle Guitar And Ukulele Lessons

Seattle Guitar & Ukulele Lessons With John CalvinSeattle guitar lessons image John Calvin 173 x 260 px

For over twenty-five years I have provided SeattleĀ guitar lessons to students ranging from absolute beginners to skilled performers who are looking for new ideas. I teach individual lessons year ’round and from time to time I offer group classes and workshops. I have studied folk, country, classical, jazz, blues and Celtic guitar styles with professional guitarists from around the United States.

My performances have ranged from churches to bars, and from live radio to concert and festival stages. Using fingerstyle and flatpick techniques I play rhythm accompaniment, lead guitar and chord/melody style.

Ukulele instruction emphasizes rhythmic strumming and fingerpicking. Using a variety of familiar songs students explore the common chord progressions for different musical genres.

Students interested in almost any style of guitar or ukulele playing are welcome. My goal is to provide a supportive and encouraging environment and my lessons are tailored to the desires of each student.

People who have never played an instrument before quickly realize that the basics of guitar playing are quite accessible. Progress accelerates after good practice habits are established. I encourage those with prior musical experience to draw upon that knowledge as a foundation.

Learning By Ear Or From Written Music

There are many great ways to learn music. Some people are most comfortable learning to “play by ear,” while others succeed by reading musical notation or tablature. Still others become adept at watching experienced players and following their example. As a teacher, I am comfortable with each of these methods, and I try to find what works best for each student. Over time I encourage everyone to explore each of these ways of learning new music.

Various Styles, Beginning To Advanced Levels

Folk, country, bluegrass, jazz and classical guitar instruction are offered, and many students will get some exposure to all of these styles over time. Finger-picking and rhythm guitar instruction is available at beginning to advanced levels. I often refer students looking for advanced classical guitar instruction in Seattle to The Rosewood Guitar.

Two Venues For John Calvin’s Seattle Guitar Lessons

Lessons are offered in my home studio in the Ballard neighborhood of Seattle and at the Dusty Strings Music Shop and School, in Seattle’s Fremont district.